Made with Love, Professionalism and Purpose

We are Venezia Autentica, a social enterprise working to change the way people see and impact Venice. Throughout the years we’ve made it easy for people like you to discover and support the authentic Venice. Campaigning is a big part of what we do and our images have been seen on National Geographic, The Independent, Forbes and more. We’re excited to give you a chance to hang some of our work on your walls or the ones of your loved ones. Every purchase fuels our mission and embellishes your home with professionally shot images printed on high-quality materials.

High Quality Framed Prints

The traditional way of displaying a photograph for rich details and an aesthetic quality that is unique and well understood. 


A non-glare frameless window into the scene that creates a  slight painterly effect and  blends well into any style decor in-home or office

A green purchase

Every product your purchase on Prints by Venezia Autentica funds the planting of a tree.